Shipping Policy


Updated May 10, 2024

I. Scope

This Shipping Policy applies to all purchases of in-game items made in the online game

II. Shipping Method

In-game items will be delivered directly to the player's account upon successful payment.

Players do not need to take any further action to receive the items.

III. Shipping Time

In-game items will be delivered to the player's account immediately upon successful payment.

IV. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs for in-game items are already included in the purchase price of the items.

Players do not have to pay any additional shipping fees.

V. Shipping Process

The player selects the item they want to purchase in the Game and makes a payment.

The Game system will automatically process the payment and deliver the item to the player's account.

The player can check the purchased item in their inventory.

VI. Game Publisher's Responsibility

The Game Publisher is responsible for ensuring that items are delivered to the player's account on time and in full.

The Game Publisher is not responsible for any damages caused by force majeure.

VII. Refund policy

Players have the right to request a refund if the item is not delivered to their account within 1 hours of successful payment.

After 1 hours, the Game Publisher will not accept refunds for any reason after the player has read the Shipping Policy and agrees to make a payment.

VIII. Other Provisions

The Game Publisher reserves the right to change this Shipping Policy at any time without prior notice.

Any changes will be updated on the official website of the Game.

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